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How do yogaknees® work?
Kneecaps (patellae) are delicate, free-floating bone, not designed to bear weight. yogaknees are typically worn right below the kneecaps; when knees are on a hard surface, yogaKnees nestle and gently lift the kneecaps, while distributing weight to the tibias (lower leg bones). Yogaknees are designed to be worn throughout your entire practice, allowing you to focus on your yoga and connect to earth anytime in comfort. For most people, yogaknees will eliminate the need for placing a blanket or cushion on the mat, and many times, eliminate the need for the mat itself.
Who would enjoy yogaknees?
Anyone who wants to be kind and add spaciousness to his/her knees. Through years of testing, we have found that yogis and athletes of all ages are realizing the need to take care of their precious knees.
Can yogaknees be used in other sports and venues?
Yes. Those who like mat exercises, such as Pilates™ or stretching, will receive the same benefits from wearing yogaknees. Yogaknees work well for those who participate in hybrid sports; you can put your yogaknees on at the beginning of any session, and be ready to place knees on the ground comfortably, when needed. Runners like them for the freedom to comfortably enjoy yoga or stretch on the ground any time, anywhere during their runs. Our water-resistant yogaknees (SAVVY and BOUNDLESS) are perfect for cushioning knees on the beach, paddleboards and surfboards for SUP yoga and other water sports.
And, yes, we have heard from avid gardeners and meditators that yogaknees soften their earthbound experience too.
How does one choose between the different style of yogaknees?
It is really a matter of each person’s preference, as all styles are designed for contoured comfort. SUBLIME yogaknees are sleek, breathable pull-ons which provide subtle, yet firm cushioning. BOUNDLESS yogaknees are pull ons which work well in any water environment. SAVVY yogaknees are equally soft and contoured, and are strapped onto your legs. SAVVY yogaknees provide broader and slightly thicker cushioning than the Sublime yogaknees. The covering on our SAVVY yogaknees is neoprene, which makes them perfect for earth and water. Please refer to our style comparison chart for further characteristics.
Are there different sizes?
Yes, we want your yogaknees to fit just right. The sizes differ primarily based on your calf size. Please review our size charts.
Are yogaknees therapeutic, do they help in standing position, or protect knees from a fall or hit?
No, their function is to add comfort when placing knees on the ground or hard surfaces, but will not prevent injury. Please practice with awareness, and consult your doctor if your knees are injured to be sure that yoga and yogaknees are appropriate for you.
What are the directions for wearing yogaKnees?
The placement of your yogaknees is a felt sense, just like your yoga. And, your knees are as unique as you are, so optimal placement can vary. We would suggest starting with your yogaKnees slightly below your kneecaps (patellas). This will serve to cushion your legs in such a way as to take pressure off your kneecaps. Please refer to the directions for each style of yogaknees:


Place concave side (like your smile) below  your kneecaps.  Loop the strap through the buckle and pull back towards strap until snug. Secure the fastener to the strap, making sure it is aligned properly.  This ensures the strap will be soft to your skin.        


Pull on, and place concave side (like your smile) below your kneecaps. Hold the front of your yogaknees close to the front of your leg, while pulling down on the fabric in the back. This will ensure the back of the knee is free and open.


Pull on, and place concave side (like your smile) below your kneecaps.  Hold the front of your yogaknees close to the front of your leg, while pulling down on the fabric in the back.  This will ensure the back of the knee is free and open.  

Once your yogaknees are on, take one minute to test the placement before beginning a full practice by doing a couple of kneeling exercises, such as cat/cow. In addition, try postures with only one knee down, such as parighasana (gate), using your right knee down and then left knee down. You should feel balanced and grounded. If not, slide the cushion to a position which allows this, usually higher on the kneecaps. After a few times with your yogaknees, optimal placement for you will become second nature.

As you move through your practice, you may slide your yogaknees for optimal comfort. They were designed to allow you to quickly and easily shift them during your practice, if needed. In particular, some people like sliding their yogaknees slightly higher on the kneecaps in camel or deep low lunge. Our ultimate goal is to soften your earthbound experience, and keep you knee-deep in kindness wherever you are.
Are yogaknees washable?
Yes, yogaknees are washable. Either hand wash, or machine wash on gentle cycle. Lay flat to dry, or machine dry on gentle.
What is your exchange policy?
If you are not happy with your yogaknees for any reason within 30 days of delivery, we will gladly exchange them or refund your money fully. If it’s a size issue, think about sharing some kindness and gifting your yogaknees to a friend.
Are yogaknees recyclable?
Our U.S. based manufacturer can recycle our proprietary foam; our fabrics and bags can be repurposed. After hours and hours of use of your yogaknees, return them to us to be recycled. We will give you our thanks and a credit towards your next pair.
Where are yogaknees made?
They are designed and sewn with care in the USA for precious knees around the world.
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