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ABOUT yogaknees

Our yogaknees team shares an intention to bring innovative and helpful products to you, on and off the mat.  The goal is to have exceptional products that are highly effective, while honoring the uniqueness and true nature of each person who wears them. 

Yogaknees are currently designed in Brunswick, Georgia and sewn in the neighboring city, Waycross, and in Portland, Oregon, by professional, caring, and dedicated seamstresses with a meticulous attention to detail and quality. Our fabrics are carefully selected, cut to size, and sewn individually, making your yogaknees as unique as you are.  

The idea for yogaknees began years ago, when Debbie, our founder who enjoyed yoga and running, could not comfortably put her knees on the ground.  Since her favorite yoga at the time was vinyasa flow, trying to place a blanket or cushion firmly under her knees, stay focused, and in the flow was not easy. Even in gentle yoga with plenty of time, trying to get knees properly supported proved to be a distraction.  All the kneepads on the market were too bulky and unwieldy, or ineffective.  Nor were there good outdoor solutions for enjoying yoga in the park or kneeling on a paddle board. Thus began the quest for a better way.

 From this intention and years of research and vetting came a basic wearable lightweight design to add comfort to knees by taking weight and pressure off of the kneecaps*.   In addition, a person can easily slide yogaknees for maximum comfort, at any given time.

We love the idea of each of us giving a drop of kindness to oneself, and then flowing this wellspring of kindness and peace to our worldwide community.  Thus we named our company, Sweet Rivers.


* Yogaknees are designed for adding comfort when knees are on the earth, mat, and paddle board.  However, they are not helpful when standing or sitting upright (except the pullons have slight compression which helps some people), nor are yogaknees therapeutic.  
Please consult your doctor about optimal care for your knees, especially if injured.


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