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Why YogaKnees

The yogaknee difference

yogaknees® are designed to provide support and comfort to your knees when they are placed on the earth, mat, paddle board, or any hard surface. 

What makes yogaknees special?

Our unique design allows you to wear your yogaknees two ways for optimal comfort, your choice.

Option 1:  place the cushion slightly below your kneecaps, and gently distributes your weight to your lower legs, thereby taking unnecessary weight and  pressure off your kneecaps (patellas).  

Option 2:  at anytime, slide your yogaknees over your knees for extra cushion and comfort.  

Why wear yogaknees?

Yogaknees eliminates the need to constantly try to move a blanket or cushion back and forth on your mat, and position it properly for your knees. By nestling your knees and adding spaciousness with firm cushioning, you will heighten your ability to feel grounded, yet light, in your yoga and other wellness practices.  You can stay totally focused on your yoga while being kinder to your knees.

How will my yogaknees feel?

Your yogaknees are soft to the skin and blend with any pants, and are so lightweight and comfortable, you will forget you have them on.  They are open behind the knee, yet fit securely.  You will immediately feel the kindness of our exclusive blend of resilient, proprietary cushion and performance-grade ultra-soft fabrics.

We suggest putting on your yogaknees before your yoga or sports activity, so you are ready to place your knees comfortably on the earth at any time.  During your practice, you always have the ability to quickly and easily slide your yogaknees for maximum comfort, if needed.

Dare we say it?

Your precious knees, delicate hinge joints, are worth it!   Even if you are not extremely sensitive to pressure, you are treating your knees with the abundant care they deserve.

All yogaknees have a slender, contoured shape which gracefully wraps around your legs. They are made of the finest ultra-soft fabrics which can be worn on your skin or over your pants, your choice.   The proprietary foam is firm and resilient, supple and light, and latex-free. 

Our SUBLIME and BOUNDLESS yogaknee pull-ons are made of a luxurious, breathable, slightly compressive performance fabric that fits snugly to your leg. Our SAVVY yogaknees feature high-quality neoprene with an extra soft, adjustable strap.    

Our complete line of yogaknees has been vetted with doctors, yoga teachers, physical trainers and athletes of all ages.  After months of rigorous testing, we hope they work beautifully for you.

From our customers 

"Yogaknees make any knee-down yoga pose more comfortable!" Susan | college yogi

"Now that I’ve felt what it’s like to have on yogaknees, I won’t exercise without them." Naomi | yogi

"I got my yoga knees late yesterday and was able to try them out this morning. Wow, wow, wow...they are amazing! I love, love, love them! This was the first time I have been able to do things on my knees without them hurting during and after the poses! I can’t wait to show them off in my yoga classes. They are going to be such a help to so many. My knees are happy and I can’t wait to help others make their knees happy!"

Trish | yoga teacher

"I wear them in yoga class and stretching for running."                    Joe | athlete

"What a wonderful product! I can now perform poses that once caused me pain. My yogaknees go with me everywhere. I highly recommend them." Teresa | yoga teacher

"I didn’t even know my knees were sensitive until I tried yogaknees. Now I realize how much more comfortable I am throughout my practice." Stephanie | yogi

"I LOVE them, thank you!" BJ | yogi

"After placing too much pressure on my knees, I unfortunately caused a minor injury.  I pressed on as a yoga teacher, trying to stay mindful of the occasional discomfort and still be present to my students' needs.  After hearing about yogaknees, I immediately purchased my first pair.  I am soooooo grateful I did!  I no longer put my knees on hard floors without support.  I have a subtle awareness of attention to my knees, and I don't have the constant ache after kneeling poses class after class."  Jamila l yoga teacher

"Extremely comfy, soft and snug…I love my yogaknees!" Beth | college yogi

"What a great product! I have tried them out and really love them. I have also offered to let students try them out and the feedback has been excellent. They would make a great gift!" Cheryl | yoga teacher

"I truly appreciate the benefit and comfort and relief these offer my knees. Yogaknees got me back on the mat." Susan | yogi, with two knee replacements

"Yogaknees are great in the garden.  Weeding used to be a painful activity for me, but now I don't even think about my knees when I'm gardening.  I get a lot of mud and dirt on mine, but they are easy to wash. "  Judy | gardener


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